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“Kern is a master at creating worlds that feel vast and lived-in with very few words, as well as balancing pathos with wry humor. The result is a searing, urgent, but still achingly tender work that will wow any reader of speculative fiction.” —Publisher’s Weekly, *starred* review of REAL SUGAR IS HARD TO FIND

“There’s a carefully curated urgency here inspired by current world events without getting heavy-handed or preachy. The main ingredient for this collection isn’t fear, but heart. The focus of these stories doesn’t feel like trying to capitalize off anxieties about the future, but rather expressing the humanity of people and how they come together to help or support each other, even when everything seems hopeless.” —Milo Todd, Foglifter

“Each story’s world is quickly drawn and made complex by the characters and the problems they face. When it comes to world-ending scenarios, the breadth of ideas on display here is incredible.” –Melody Bowles, British Fantasy Society

“Through every precise, pared-back paragraph, every carefully crafted sentence, there runs a thread of continuous urgency, as Kern builds story on top of story into a thematically unified whole. You might not feel exactly hopeful about the world after diving into Sim Kern’s luminous imagination, but I can promise you’ll feel something –which, as these stories remind us, is surely the whole point of being alive.” –Katie McIvor, Etherea Magazine

“Kern excels at creating haunting worlds and memorable characters throughout Real Sugar Is Hard to Find.” —Tina S. Zhu, Strange Horizons

Praise for Depart, Depart!

“With high stakes and a solid emotional core, and a perfect balance of speculation and an all-too-real vision of climate apocalypse, Kern shows the necessity of compassion, empathy, and community in the face of crisis.” –Publishers Weekly, *starred* review

“Kern’s debut novella takes climate change and makes it personal. Readers will root hard for Noah and his found family to survive the crisis they’re facing, but Noah’s internal journey proves to be just as compelling. This book is a ghost story, but it’s a love story too: to the queer community, to those we’ve lost, and all we stand to lose if we don’t take drastic action. Kern’s prose is tremendously effective and will both break your heart and offer hope.” –Jen St. Jude, Chicago Review of Books

Depart, Depart! is ultimately a story of hope. It’s a steadying hand on the shoulder of trans readers, particularly those struggling to feel safe and loved, and particularly those who feel that different parts of themselves can never be reconciled.” –Em Rowntree, The Geekiary